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Nestlé - Consulente Senior

Milan, Italy, from March 1992 to June 1995

Project Manager for the development of an in-house warehouse management system, to be used for 12 Nestlé Italiana warehouse sites. Supervised group of programmers and analysts. Responsibilities involved analysis of the system implementation needs and macroanalysis of the functionality of the warehouse management system. Within two years, developed and implemented the warehouse management system in the first three sites, and integrated it with customized transportation systems.

Represented the Italian market at an international steering committee, whose objective was to establish procedures for tracking the product (food) and for identifying the product according to the new EAN code (international standard of bar-coding). Represented the pilot site in implementing the resulting procedures along with the overall warehouse management system.

Supervised a group to coordinate the teams implementing the different vertical modules of the SAP software. The responsibility of the group was to establish a common implementation approach, to represent a center of competence for the other teams and to report to a central Nestlé group interfacing with SAP.


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Scarica il documento

Nestlé - Senior Consultant