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Indipendente - Consulente Senior

Da tradurre

Naples, Italy, from August 2002 to June 2003

Carlo Parlanti - Indipendente - Consulente Senior

Designer for the release of the Interfacing tool ODBCFace for Microsoft Excel.

ODBCFace is an ETL tool (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading). It completely removes the need to learn the ins and outs of an ETL tool by using your current working knowledge of Microsoft® Excel with it's thousands of transformation formulas.

ODBCFace is an Excel Add-in that allows ERP users to upload and download information between Excel and ERP system, legacy databases or XML data providers with "canned" scripts. Using a simple scripting language, an option can be added to the Excel menu bar. Additionally, you can embed SQL statements and map Excel cells (or named ranges) to fields in ERP systems, legacy databases or XML pages.

Designer for the release of the Apache Add-In DynaHTML.

DynaHTML is a Content Management System that provides the automation and delivery of large web sites made up of static HTML pages and optimized for Search Engines.

DynaHTML architecture is based on Apache, PHP programming (using Smarty templating techniques) and MySQL for data repository.

Using DynaHTML I’ve been able, during the last 6 months of 2003, to automate 5 large e-commerce portals of which 2 based on the aggregation of 380 and 280 satellite sites.

Freelance - Senior Consultant